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Meet Sarah


"For me, being a Counsellor is
a calling. I am passionate about what I do."


My name is Sarah and I have 26 years’ experience of working in mental health services in the charitable sector. I have worked with the most vulnerable in society and from all walks of life. I trained to be a counsellor because it has always been my passion. I enjoy connecting with people and find it a privilege to be there to facilitate growth and change.

I specialise in the impact of adverse childhood experiences and how unexplored early coping mechanisms, when continued into adulthood, can cause us problems. Together we will examine the impact of parental messages and relational dynamics on our current lives

I have a special interest in LGBTQ issues, both from the perspective of someone exploring their own sexuality/gender identity to the family and their struggle to come to terms with their own feelings and responses to a loved one coming out.

I also have a special interest in childhood trauma either from suicide, alcoholism, mental ill-health in a parent or bullying

It is my belief that everyone has the capacity to think and to change, and that we can look to our early years and relationships for clues as to the difficulties we experience in our present. I believe we can acquire tools, techniques, and strategies through counselling that we can carry with us in our future. We all have the capacity to change outdated and unhelpful behaviours and learn how to interact with our world from a healthy ‘Adult’ state. We can learn to identify unhelpful ways of communicating, thinking, and feeling and make positive lifelong changes that lead to inner fulfilment and higher self-esteem.

  • BSc Hons psychology

  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy

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