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What to expect

When you walk in from outside, you are entering a safe and non-judgmental space. 


You will be able to bring to your sessions what is most important to you and together we will work towards outcomes and goals that you have identified.

When you first make contact you will be offered a free 15 minute session to chat about your current situation. This will give us both the opportunity to decide whether we feel we can work together, and you won't be out of pocket either way.

If we decide to continue sessions, we can then make a plan for how that will look. I offer both short and long term counselling and we will review our progress along the way. You will be given your own day and time that will be yours and never offered to anyone else while you need it. 

We will complete a short form together that will include some personal details and an agreement regarding emergency contacts and any information required to ensure your safety and comfort.

We will have a written contract that will underpin our work together and I will provide this during our first consultation meeting if we agree to continue seeing one another. 

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